Nubabs Grey 360 Rotating Stroller and Carseat

Nubabs Grey 360 Rotating Stroller and Carseat


Strolling truly made easy. Enjoy the walks and simplicity of having a relaxed seating at a restaurant without the need of moving your little one to a baby chair. The seating angle adjustment makes is so easy. The seat cushions add extra Comfort for your little one while exploring their surroundings.

Easily Move from Car to Stroller Frame.

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-Stroller Seat can be adjusted to a lay position;
-The soft padded egg cushion has a 5 point harness;
-The generously sized basket can be used to store your shopped items;

What you get in the box:
1. Bassinet with Cushion (Used From 0-6 Months),
2. Stroller Egg Seat with Cushion (6 Months – 3 Years)
3. Car Seat;
4. Rain Cover;
5. Mosquito Net;
6. Cup/ Bottle Holder;
7. Wrist Band;
8. Car Seat Adapters (to fit on Stroller Frame).


  • Brand: Nubabs
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Pu (Leather Like)
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