Kiddies Tastes: Gemma’s Great Chicken Gratin (180g)

Kiddies Tastes: Gemma’s Great Chicken Gratin (180g)


Chicken, carrots, peas & corn in a cheesy sauce with fresh herbs.

Contains Dairy   Contains Wheat

Contains: Dairy & Wheat

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TOT10 Ingredients:
Cheese sauce (43%) [cow’s milk; cheddar cheese (cow’s milk, calcium chloride, non-iodised salt, selected cheese cultures, non-animal rennet); flour; animal fat (butter)]; Vegetables (36%) [carrots, peas, corn, onion]; Chicken breast (20%); Breadcrumbs (1%) [white bread wheat flour (gluten), water, salt, yeast, sugar, vegetable fat (palm fruit), soya flour, flour improvers, emulsifiers, preservative (calcium propionate), minerals (electrolytic iron, zinc oxide) and vitamins]; Fresh parsley

CONTAINS: cow’s milk, wheat, gluten, soya

MAY CONTAIN: tree nuts, peanuts, egg, fish

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