NUK All Stages Teether

NUK All Stages Teether


Varies from soft to intensive massaging effect to suit your baby’s changing teething needs
Special shape so all parts of the mouth can be reached
Easy to grasp
Playful seahorse shape in appealing colours attracts your baby’s attention as a distraction
Suitable for babies over 3 months old, BPA-free

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NUK All Stages Teether with Different Levels of Hardness, Age 3m+, 1 per Pack

NUK All Stages Teether: the perfect companion through all teething stages

The first months of a baby’s life make for a really lovely and exciting time. The little ones get to know their surroundings and their bodies develop. Of course, this also includes their first teeth and this is when the NUK All Stages Teether helps to relieve any teething pains. The special feature of this teething aid is that it has different soft and firm surfaces. This gives a varied massaging effect for the changing needs of babies during their teething stage. Due to its shape, the NUK All Stages Teether reaches all areas of the mouth, regardless whether the teeth are at the front or the back. In addition, the special texture provides a pleasant massage for the palate and gums. A variety of ways to grasp and bite can help to distract from the teething pains and your baby is quickly cheered up again.

Teething aid from NUK: combination of support and playtime fun

To help make teething as pleasant as possible, our teethers can not only help to massage the gums, they are also great little toys. This one, in bright colours and in the sweet shape of a seahorse, will attract the attention of your little treasure with an inviting look that just makes you want to dive into your own little underwater world. Adapted to suit children’s little hands, the NUK All Stages Teether is easy to grasp. All our teething aids are made of high-quality synthetic materials and are BPA-free, so they can be played with and chewed without any worries.

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