Cosy Kids Police Car Plush Pillow by Kideroo

Cosy Kids Police Car Plush Pillow by Kideroo


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Playing cops and robbers are every child’s favourite game. We remember what it was like growing up playing a tough policeman in uniform as a baby. Get your child started on building his fantastic imagination right from day one. Get him/her a cosy kids police car plush pillow for infants. With a unique animated police car pillow for kids your child will have a toy that’s as good as the real thing. Heavy on features and light to the touch the cosy police car plush cushion for kids by Kideroo is one the most popular toys for kids from the age of 0 to 8. Made by hand the plush pillow is one of the most high-quality kids toys for newborn babies. Designed by Kideroo in South Africa with every detail of your child’s life in mind we also consider how expensive it is to raise kids. Which is why we’ve done our best also to make this a highly affordable toy for your baby.

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