Big Blue Ollie The Squishy Elephant by Kideroo

Big Blue Ollie The Squishy Elephant by Kideroo


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With their long trunks large ears and large hearts elephants are the big softies of the animal kingdom. Our Blue Ollie is not different. Blue Ollie the squishy elephant is a from a family of elephant-themed plush pillows for kids. Its adorable design and ultra-soft features make it one of the friendliest baby cushions in our store. While most of our baby plush pillows come only in monochrome colors we’ve helped Blue Ollie stand our from the crowd by adding a light blue tinge to his ears. It not only helps accentuate the ears to your child but also makes the toy slightly more attractive to them as they grow older. Blue Ollie is looking forward to becoming your child’s best friend as soon as you take him home and he can’t wait. Get your orders for Blue Ollie our big softie in today and get your baby a friend he’ll remember for life.

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