Bubbly Banana Plush Rattles For Babies by Kideroo

Bubbly Banana Plush Rattles For Babies by Kideroo


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A toy that will have your child going bananas is our banana plush baby rattle for kids. Its unique design will get your baby accustomed to the shape of banana’s a yummy source of food. A great first toy for your baby the happy smiling face on this rattle toy for kids will bring joy to your precious darling. This bubbly banana plush rattle toy for children is completely crafted by hand and provides a superior quality. It’s the perfect size to fit into the tiny hands of your baby and completely safe to use. We only use child-friendly inks. You don’t need to hover over your child wondering what they’re doing with their squishy companion. It’s perfectly safe. Watch them giggle with joy as they hear the gentle sounds of the rattle. Watch their eyes light up with excitement on seeing the bubbly banana plush rattle by Kideroo. When they are having teething problems they’ll learn to soothe themselves on the non-toxic anti-bacterial teething ring we’ve fitted to the banana plush baby rattle toy for kids. A must-have toy for all newborn children. Buy one today!

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