Baby Soft Apple Plush Rattle For Kids by Kideroo

Baby Soft Apple Plush Rattle For Kids by Kideroo


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An apple plush rattle toy for the apple of your eye. Let our baby soft apple plush rattle toy be the first companion to your baby. Its soft gentle features invite your child to play. This would make a great first gift for a newborn baby as it’s just the right size and fit. Kideroo also ensures to use only 100% food grade dyes that are completely safe for children. So you need not worry about them putting this gentle apple plush rattle in their mouth because that’s what it’s there for. Aid your child’s sight hearing and motor skills when you buy them this rattle toy for children with monochrome contrasting colours. Hear them laugh at the sound of the gentle rattle and see them be soothed by the friendly napping face on our apple plush rattle toy for babies. When you buy this organic rattle for kids you’re not only purchasing a great gift for your baby you’re joining the biggest toy family in South Africa.

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